What the wide availability of data means for marketing [Q&A with SHIFT Communications’ Scott Monty]

Despite the buzz about big data, most marketers are not excelling at turning data into insights yet. That’s according to Scott Monty, Executive Vice President of Strategy at SHIFT Communications and Ford Motors’ former global digital and multimedia communications manager. As we’ve announced recently, Scott is keynote speaker at the upcoming Vision Critical Summit in New York, an annual event that connects the best and brightest minds in customer intelligence. He gave us a preview of his upcoming talk... Read More

4 ways to market like a human

Marketing is a lot like dating. It requires getting to know the other person—the customer—and winning them over so you can get a first date. It involves being so irresistible that your date will agree to go out with you again. It requires building your relationship over time. And just like dating, to be successful at marketing, you... Read More

Advisory for Vision Critical customers regarding the Shellshock bug

Another month and another internet-ending security bug has been published to the world; this one is called Shellshock. Here’s the good news: Vision Critical is not affected by the problem. We, like most companies, became aware of this potential security issue on September 24th. We became aware of it because we monitor various news sources... Read More

3 characteristics of “Gen Z” customers [this week’s reads]

In the last decade or so, many marketers have focused on understanding and reaching millennials. But it might be time to get to know a new generation of customers: the Generation Z. According to one estimate, more than a quarter of the U.S. population belongs to Gen Z, making this generation already bigger than the millennials or Gen X.... Read More

3 customer-centered ways to revive a failing brand

A retail brand that used to be cool drops its logo from its clothes. A once-mighty smartphone company continues to lose market share. A giant fast-food chain tries to lure customers back with a major rebrand.   Every day, the business world is littered with headlines like these: cautionary stories of companies that are struggling to... Read More