What the wide availability of data means for marketing [Q&A with SHIFT Communications’ Scott Monty]

Despite the buzz about big data, most marketers are not excelling at turning data into insights yet. That’s according to Scott Monty, Executive Vice President of Strategy at SHIFT Communications and Ford Motors’ former global digital and multimedia communications manager. As we’ve announced recently, Scott is keynote speaker at the upcoming Vision Critical Summit in New York, an annual event that connects the best and brightest minds in customer intelligence. He gave us a preview of his upcoming talk... Read More

3 tips on how to market to the modern man

Traditionally, marketing to men has been one dimensional and uninspired. That’s because in the past, many marketers have resorted to outdated stereotypes when engaging these customers. But things are changing. As this week’s select articles show, more marketers are realizing that reaching male customers requires a lot more thought. Society... Read More

3 in-your-face reasons why sports organizations must engage with their fans

Vision Critical’s highly successful 2014 Summit in New York City featured several new faces last week, including attendees from the sports space. Yes, that’s right, the unique dynamics of the empowered customer have surfaced with sports fans as well. For years we thought that if you provided a winning, star-laden team, your sports... Read More

3 reasons media organizations should continue to listen (2014 VC Summit recap)

At Vision Critical’s 2014 Summit in New York City recently, the media space accounted for nearly 40% of the approximately 300 participants in attendance. And after securing an Insight Community of the Year victory at Vision Critical EMEA’s 2014 Summit (via Exterion Media, formerly CBS Outdoor UK), the media space was at it again in New... Read More

Top customer intelligence insights from the 2014 Vision Critical Summit

Provocative keynotes and useful workshops wrapped up the second and last day of the 2014 Vision Critical Summit. The need to engage the empowered customer was the dominant theme of CEO Scott Miller’s opening and closing address. Founder and President Andrew Reid explored the future of customer intelligence, while keynotes from Vision... Read More