7 recommended 2015 SXSW Interactive session proposals to vote for

This year, Vision Critical made a splash at SXSW Interactive when we hosted sessions about the collaborative economy, big data and social media analytics. We received overwhelming positive feedback that we’re inspired to once again join the conference in 2015.   This time, we’re thrilled to partner with thought leaders and customers for seven session proposals that tackle everything from the rise of anonymous social networks to the use of social media analytics for customer intelligence. To... Read More

5 critical factors to consider when developing provocative ads

In an unusual ad in the New York Times, outdoor clothing company Pantagonia once challenged readers to “don’t buy this jacket.” On the Cleanest Line, Patagonia’s blog, the company explained the move, saying that it was time for the brand “to address the issue of consumerism and do it head on.”  The company believed that it would be... Read More

6 questions on how to provide meaningful experiences to customers

Is building customer relationships part of the new mandate for marketing? In a recent webinar with Brian Solis, renowned author, digital analyst, and speaker, we explored the stages (or “moments,” as Brian likes to put it) in the customer journey that can help companies connect more effectively with their customers. Here’s a recap of... Read More

How to increase fan engagement and drive business results [recap of webinar featuring NASCAR]

Last week, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with NASCAR, a Vision Critical customer. Our guest speaker was Brian Moyer, Managing Director of Market and Media Research at NASCAR, who revealed how NASCAR increases fan engagement and drives business decisions. If you missed the webinar, watch an on-demand recording here. Brian did a... Read More

The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer

The C-suite is suddenly getting more crowded. According to a recent study by the CCO Council, “the chief customer officer is becoming a staple of modern business.” The annual study reveals that more established brands are hiring C-level professionals who will lead the charge to resolve customer issues, create profitable customers and drive... Read More