3 big data challenges for the CPG industry

In Boosting Value for Consumers: Why Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers Must Rethink Their Relationship with Consumers and Retailers, Mayur Gupta, Global Head of Marketing Technology and Innovation at Kimberly-Clark, outlines the need for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers to rethink their relationship with consumers and retailers in the age of the empowered customer. Gupta argues that one way of doing this is by leveraging smart—not necessarily big—data: “Big data” or small data (... Read More

Vision Critical CEO on why more companies are realizing the need for customer intelligence

At the recent 2014 Canadian Innovation Exchange in Toronto, Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller was named Canada’s Innovator of the Year. Presented by the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX), the award celebrates Canadian software companies that demonstrate disruptive technology and business innovation. While at the conference, Scott spoke... Read More

4 questions companies need to answer before launching a new service

Last month, HBO announced plans to launch a standalone streaming service. Slated for a 2015 release, the Netflix-like service will offer customers the ability to access HBO content online instead of subscribing through a cable provider. “It is time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO,” says Richard Plepler, CEO of the network.... Read More

3 questions retailers need to answer about social commerce this Black Friday

As Black Friday quickly approaches, retailers are getting ready for one of the busiest sales seasons of the year. As retailers begin to ramp up their in-store strategy and prepare for e-commerce and m-commerce, I personally wonder how many think about s-commerce. Yes, s-commerce. As in social commerce.  Americans spend enough time... Read More

How thousands of readers shaped the Guardian’s redesign, and what your company can learn from it

One of the most visited news websites in the world has a new look, and thousands of its readers had a hand in the redesign. Last month, the Guardian unveiled a fresh, updated website,, for its US readers. The new site has the hallmarks of a typical relaunch: more white space, more readable font and bigger photos. What’s... Read More