8 ways to turn data into content marketing

The first time I fell in love, it was with only 500 people. Those 500 people provided the insights for an infographic Cheryl Loh developed for my Harvard Business Review blog, based on a project I did with Vision Critical. From Pinterest to Purchase was shared all over the web, and still attracts a steady trickle of tweets and pins two years later. That’s what made me fall in love...with data-driven content marketing. Infographics are a huge part of this, but so are blog posts, reports, ebooks and... Read More

Advisory for Vision Critical customers regarding the POODLE bug and the end of SSLv3 support

Earlier this month security researchers identified yet another flaw, which they called POODLE (and officially known as CVE-2014-3566), in an old secure connection protocol called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Vision Critical has examined the issue, and this blog post details our considered response and action plans. We'll be making changes to... Read More

How do controversial Halloween costumes impact the retailers that sell them? [Infographic]

“Ebola Costume Sparks Halloween Controversy” “Retailer Forced to Apologize Over ‘Fat Girl’ Halloween Costumes Category” “Parental Complaints Result in Racy Halloween Costumes Getting Pulled” Every year, at this time of the year, headlines like these litter the news. For some reason, retailers can’t seem to avoid controversies during... Read More

In media and entertainment, big data is not leading yet to big insights

The following is an excerpt from Building Audience: Courting & Keeping Customers in a Media & Entertainment Industry Awash in Data, a whitepaper I co-wrote with world-renowned media researcher Bill Harvey. Media and entertainment (M&E) companies are awash in customer data. Yet companies are struggling to wade through all that... Read More

Contest: This Halloween, show Vision Critical why you love your customers

In case you haven’t been checking your calendars... Halloween is this Friday!  At Vision Critical, we love Halloween. It’s a great opportunity to have a little fun and be silly at work. And since many people dress up as superheroes this time of the year, Halloween is also a great time to show how much you love customers in a fun... Read More