3 remarkable stories of companies engaging the empowered customer

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the show Shark Tank, once said, “Treat your customers like they own you. Because they do.”  That quote perhaps best captures the essence of the customer revolution. Your customers today have increasing access to more choices, more information, and more opportunities than ever before. In fact, the wide adoption of cloud, social and mobile technologies have tipped the balance in the company-customer relationship.  Now that your... Read More

How one retailer is succeeding in the age of Amazon

Tomorrow’s business students and bloggers may well look back on June 2014 as a key month in the history of modern retailing. Amazon launched its Fire Phone—packing features like the Firefly button and contextual recognition that it hopes will change the future of retail. June was also the month in which GAME Digital capped a remarkable... Read More

4 moments of truth that lead to meaningful customer experiences [webinar featuring Brian Solis]

If you’re in marketing, you know that today’s connected, mobile, social world has transformed business as we know it. Your customers are in charge—meaning, they’re no longer interested in just products. Today’s empowered customers buy experiences; they buy based on how your company and your products make them feel. In his new book, What’s... Read More

Join Vision Critical and NASCAR at the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology conference!

Fan engagement in the digital world is a hot topic in the highly competitive sports and entertainment industry. As social media and mobile technologies allow fans to engage directly with each other, with players and with sports organizations, the industry is trying to catch up. It’s no wonder that fan engagement is one of the key focuses of... Read More

4 fresh perspectives on what it takes to thrive as a CMO

The role of the chief marketing officer has dramatically changed in the last decade. The rise of mobile, social and cloud technologies have forced the CMO role and the marketing function in general to evolve as the wide adoption of these trends increasingly empowers customers. And as the following articles show, CMOs are now expected to... Read More