De nouvelles études révèlent ce que l'analyse des réseaux sociaux ne vous dit pas sur vos clients [Infographie]

Social media analytics can’t tell you how to become a more customer-centric company. That’s the core finding of our latest report, What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You About Your Customers, released today. The report draws its findings from our partnership with three Vision Critical customers: a major motion picture studio, a renowned broadcasting company and a cross-category apparel brand. These global brands combined social media data with customer intelligence they’ve gathered from their... Read More

3 reasons why social media can’t tell you who your customers are

You may not be listening to the vast majority of your social media audience, but they’re listening to you. That’s one of the key insights in our latest report, What Social Media Can’t Tell You About Your Customers. That report reveals that the social media audience comprises three distinct kinds of social media users: enthusiasts (those... Read More

3 ways CPG companies thrive in the age of the customer [this week’s reads]

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is not immune to the effects of the customer revolution. Over the past decade, a confluence of factors—from the rise of mobile technologies to the ubiquity of social media—have given shoppers the upper hand, transforming the CPG world in the process. It is no wonder that many CPG manufacturers are... Read More

3 reasons media brands still lack a complete picture of their customers

From companies announcing plans to launch standalone streaming services to conglomerates buying other giant brands, the media and entertainment (M&E) industry is in flux. Made complex by the empowered customer, and spurred by the ubiquity of social, mobile and cloud technologies, M&E customers have more choices than before when it... Read More

4 business strategies for companies to stay relevant in 2015

In 2014, we’ve seen the continued rise of the empowered customer. From the arrival of privacy-conscious social networks to the rise of the collaborative economy, customers have more choices and more opportunities to be heard than ever. In his recent Entrepreneur article, Vision Critical Founder and Chief Product Officer Andrew Reid offers... Read More