7 habits of customer-obsessed companies

"Customer centricity” is one of the hottest buzz phrases of our time. Ever since Forrester proclaimed in 2011 that we’re now in the age of the customer, companies have come out claiming to be customer centric. But how do you know if your company is really customer centric? That’s the topic of our latest infographic, embedded below. As you can see, truly customer-centric companies prioritize the customer experience and engage regularly in two-way communication with customers. These companies are... Read More

Why being customer centric makes good business sense

The following is an excerpt from The Customer Relationship: Your Last Competitive Advantage. Although there are exceptions, the main reason companies are democratizing their business is because it is good business. Companies are involving customers in decision making to help create shareholder value and to help ensure the future... Read More

How one CEO handled a customer complaint, and what others can learn from it

In the age of the empowered customer, the cost of an unhappy customer can be astronomical. All it takes is one tweet, one YouTube video, or one reddit thread to spark a social-media PR nightmare. That’s why engaging with your customers has never been more critical. This is something that Tim Cook knows, according to a recent... Read More

3 ways customer intelligence can help drive revenue

According to the 2013 IBM C-Suite study, only 34% of organizations today have an in-depth understanding of their customers. However, by 2017, IBM projects that 78% of organisations will have that deep of an understanding of their most important asset: their customers. These stats raise an important question about the state of customer... Read More

How to turn customer intelligence into competitive advantage

The customer revolution has changed the way companies interact with customers. In fact, no industry is immune—even nonprofits. That’s why both for-profit and nonprofit organizations need to listen to customers/donors. In our recent webinar, World Vision—a well-respected international Christian humanitarian aid, development and advocacy... Read More